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For•rad•er  adverb 1. Further ahead 2. In a forward direction


The Forrader Group was founded in 2009 to provide strategic counsel and support to leaders and their organizations.


Principles Underlying Our Work


  • Whatever we do, we do on purpose with purpose.

    • Establish clarity of purpose, values, goals, responsibilities and measurable expectations to enable alignment of all stakeholders’ interests and interactions with the business.

    • Ensure everyone knows:

      • What we do

      • For whom we do it

      • Why someone will do more business with us

      • How we will grow in the future, and

      • Their individual role in success.

    • Communicate how decisions and actions align to the defined direction, values, goals, expectations and assumptions of the business.

  • Align the organization and its stakeholders to an important cause to improve society.

    • Create and sustain separation from competitors in what we do best.

    • Build momentum and growth to sustain the future.

    • Acknowledge profits as the lifeblood of the continuing work of the business and an indicator of success of the organization’s larger work and purpose.


  • Provide a company environment where people have the opportunity to succeed doing their best work. 

    • Engage good people sharing core values of integrity, mutual respect, inclusion, personal responsibility, trust, candid communication and recognition for achievement.

    • Build the team to maximize the strengths of team members. Empower them to function successfully in their roles and hold them accountable.

    • Continue learning and challenging the status-quo. Mistakes and failures happen. Acknowledge them. Learn from them and move on.

  • Relentless focus on learning, execution and achievement.

    • Use 80/20 disciplines to focus the business towards value-added activities, while driving out lower priority activities and costs.

    • Resolve ambiguity and conflicts. Do the right thing for the good of the business. The easy path is often not the right path.

    • Keep the business as simple as possible: KISS; Rules of Three; & SMART objectives etc.

  • Serve with a passion for helping team members succeed.

    • Walk the talk. True intentions are ultimately proven by actions, not words.

    • Engage customers, employees, vendors and all stakeholders. Listen carefully.

    • Enjoy each day. Genuinely share hope, trust and gratitude.



Chief Executive Officer & Founder

Scott Mordell knows leadership. He has led organizations for more than 20 years and is the longest serving CEO in the seventy year history of YPO, the global leadership development community of more than 29,000 chief executives in 130 countries.

He has always been drawn to complex situations and difficult challenges, because solving them creates the greatest impact and meaning.

Scott’s extensive background in varying industries, geographies, types of organizations and business disciplines has helped him develop important leadership lessons and collaboration skills for success. For example, YPO has been a leadership masterclass including aligning a multi-cultural global organization and more than 10,000 CEO volunteers.

Before joining YPO as its CEO in 2011, Scott worked in the Duchossois Group, leading six different business segments within a private, family-owned portfolio headquartered in Chicago, which included roles with Chamberlain Group, HeathCo LLC, Duchossois Industries and Arlington International Racecourse. He also worked in the “Big 4” public accounting practices of Deloitte and KPMG.

Scott earned his MBA from The J.L. Kellogg Graduate School of Management at Northwestern University and his BA from Michigan State University. He resides in Chicago.

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